Becoming crazy: ProFTP no longer accept logins

Hi all

I installed a fresh Virtualmin on a fresh server 3 days ago. Then, I created some users and logged-in using ProFTP successfully.

Starting from today, ProFTP no longer accept logins. The messages I see in my FTP client:

220 FTP Server ready.

23>USER uxuxux

23>331 Password required for uxuxux

23>PASS (hidden)

23>530 Login incorrect.

23>Client closed the connection.

Obviously, username and passwords are correct.
I also totally disabled CSF.

Please help, because I have no more places where to check. I tried to check almost all :frowning:

Thank you



Are you by chance using CentOS?

If so, what is the output of this command:

rpm -qa | grep proftp


Yes, CentOS 6.5 64bit

The result is:


Thank you


Aha, it looks like you have a version of ProFTPd that came from a third party repository… that’s likely the cause of the problem you’re seeing.

There’s more information about that here in the section named “Why does PHP / ProFTPd no longer work after performing updates? (I’m using CentOS, and enabled third party repositories)”:


I installed just “rsnapshot”. Maybe this caused the problem?

I can ensure you that I installed nothing more!

I hope that I will find a solution in the mentioned document.

Thank you!


  1. removed rpmforge repo

  2. yum uninstalled proftpd

  3. yum installed proftpd

  4. voilà! Works!!

Thanks a lot :wink: