Batch Create Sites via Bash / Add DNS Entries

Hi all again, I wanted to thank those that helped me out when I was first getting my head around Virtualmin @calport and @tpnsolutions. I was able to get the students sites setup as virtual servers and with a default page and all.

I was able to also get the API working in my favour as well. I have a script that I will share that might help somebody else in the future on batch creating websites on the fly.

This is a bash script takes a csv input file, that contains the following information
Name, StudentID, Password

This is a basic script with no error handling
Provided as is, use at own risk.
# Purpose: Import a spreadsheet to batch create student sites
# Author: Jay Calvert
# February 12 2021
# ------------------------------------------


[ ! -f $INPUT ] && { echo "$INPUT file not found"; exit 99; }
while read  studentname id password
        #echo "Student Name : $studentname"
        #echo "ID : $id"
        #echo "Password : $password"

#Generate the url
        domain=".<tld>" # replace with the domain name that the virtualsite will be a member of

        echo "URL : $url"

# Create the site

        echo "Found Records "
        echo "----------------------"
        echo "Creating website and username for: $id"

              virtualmin create-domain --domain ${url}  --unix --dir --web  --quota 50000 --uquota 50000  --user ${id}  --pass  ${password}

        echo "Website Created for $studentname"
        echo "User setup: $id"
        echo "Domain created:  $url"

        echo "Creating DNS Entry"

                # Add the entry into DNS
                echo -e "server <dnsserver>\nupdate add $url 86400 A <ipaddress>\nsend" | nsupdate

        echo "---------------------"

done < $INPUT

Change <tld>with your top level domain name
Change <dnsserver> to the DNS server you are writing the update to, in mycase it is a separate windows server on the same network.
Change <ipaddress> to the ip address you are assigning the website to use.

To Run the command:

> # ./ students.csv

Hope this helps everybody in their similar tasks.


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