Basic Website Mail Delivery Issue

howdy folks,

i am having an issue with wordpress sending out registration emails.

i haven’t configured email in any way.

the emails are sitting in the postfix mail queue.

the emails in the queue show that they are being sent

from my host name regardless of what virtual domain it has been sent from.

perhaps this helpful.

i’ve included 2 pics.

one of the mail queue and one of the virtual domain email mappings.

thank you.


Hmm, it looks like you’re receiving a “Connection Timed Out” error when trying to communicate with remote mail servers.

Does your ISP perhaps disable port 25? Not all providers allow customers to directly communicate with email servers.


hi, thanks for the reply.

my system is a hosted vps with peakservers so i don’t believe isp issues are the cause.

sorry i did not provide more info in my post.

thanks again for your interest…


Hmm, it does look like something may be blocking port 25 in your case.

At least, that’s what happened with the examples in the attachment you posted.

What happens if you run this command from the command line:

telnet 25

slow computers suck…

thanks for the help. sorry for the late reply.

life has gotten in the way.

so i ran the code you suggested after connecting to my remote root server via ssh

and it timed out.

so perhaps i need to unblock port 25 on the remote root server…

i’ll head to google for some syntax.