Bandwith report for users mail

Hello, how can i see traffic information about users mail ?? i need know a 10 top users bandwith of my server in pop3 or smtp traffic, i think this little graphic information can help me a lot when i have an spam attack for one infected external user smtp.



You may want to take a peek at System Settings -> Bandwidth Monitoring -> Show Usage Information. You can use that to track down which domain is using a lot of email traffic.

Also, you may want to look at the mail queue – if one particular user is sending or receiving a particularly high amount of email, you may seem a lot of messages to/from them in the queue. You can view that in Webmin -> Servers -> Postfix -> Mail Queue.


Thank you andreycheck, i know this two options but in my case can not help me to find a top users activity, i think have in one domain, one or two users sending videos, pps or jokes to a lot of senders and my bandwith and my server is working for your personal activity, i can make a “cc” of the users but i don’t want view private mails.

Virtualmin can make a little report about top ten users smtp or pop3 for example ???

Virtualmin doesn’t have a tool to break down bandwidth per-user.

You may want to review the email logs, which would have all the details you’re after.

Or, since that’s a lot of information to review, you may want to look at the pflogsumm tool that comes with Postfix, which can help break down what users are sending email, and in what quantity:

Directions for it’s use are here:

‘lire’ is a pretty good package also, if you can get it to work for you.

If you can’t, maybe try this:

run it as:
lr_log2report postfix /var/log/mail.log |less

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