bandwidth monitoring per virtual server

I posted something similar to this in usermin forum, but didn’t get any response because it’s not a usermin issue. So, i’ll post it here:

I installed the bandwidth monitory module to webmin but it would be nice if it worked per virtual server. Is this possible in virtualmin or webmin? If I login as the virtual server user I don’t see the link anymore obviously because the module is probably only global and not per vs. But if anyone has some knowledge about how a customer can view their website’s bandwidth that would be awesome. Maybe it’s already there and I’m missing it.

I think virtualmin supports this feature.

“This page can be used to enable bandwidth accounting for virtual servers, to notify server owners and the master administrator when a server exceeds its allowed bandwidth.”

“Click this button to display a graph of bandwidth usage and limits for all virtual servers. Usage can also be displayed by date or by month, back to the number of days of data kept as configured above.”

Where did you find this information? ie. click what button? can you point me in the location in the backend?

under virtualmin->system settings

Did you also discover Virtualmin’s search function. Pretty useful to find things (not just documentation)

Thank you so much! I friggin’ LOVE Virtualmin!