bandwidth monitoring modules missing in Fedora 7


I have a Fedora 7 setup on my station using Webmin 1.430. I would like to check my bandwidth usage for a particular application. I can easily reboot and run only that app. I thought if I used webmin’s bandwidth monitoring I’d get a reasonable first cut at usage but when I try to check this figure I get the following message:

"Neither of the System Logs modules are installed on this system and supported by your OS. The Bandwidth Monitoring module cannot operate without one of them."

I don’t know what the modules are or how to install them. Suggestions?


You can install additional modules by logging into Webmin, and going into Webmin Configuration -> Webmin Modules.

From there, you want to install a standard module from the Webmin site – I believe Fedora uses Syslog, so try the "syslog" module.