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don’t know if it has been asked before…

but i think a “scheduled restore” would be a nice addition to virtualmin…
or either a way to directly backup from one machine, restoring to another… like the “import site” but virtualmin->virtualmin. I find myself moving some website often, and having 1 button move(/copy) a website from a machine to another, is a lot of time saving, instead of backing up all, then going to the other virtualmin and restoring all (the part where you chose what to restore is really slow if you have a folder with tens or hundred of websites backup).



You can use cron and the “virtualmin” command line tools to accomplish all that.

From the command line, run “virtualmin restore-domain” to see a list of options.

Once you get the options you need all sorted out, you can add the full command line to restore your domain(s) to a cron job.