bad design


Is it possible to hide or not show all the lenght of email address?

Many of my customers ask this :frowning:

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Yeah, that’s a bug. I’ll try to get it corrected in the next revision of the theme.

In the meantime, you could manually correct it by increasing the size of the left-frame. Edit in the virtual-server-theme directory, and search for "180". The line looks like this:

   &amp;get_product_name() eq 'usermin' ? 180 :

Change the 180 to, say, 210. See if that makes things fit better.

Hi Guys!

Changing the left frame width in has been the first thing I do every time virtual-server-theme gets updated. I also like to have scrollbars to yes instead of auto in index.cgi.

In the current version of virtual-server-theme the green "go" button in the server drop down list get half of the button hidden by the scrollbar and I also get a left-right scrollbar, both in auto or "always show" scrollbar mode. The width of the server drop down list should be reduced so there is room for the up-down scrollbar to show without getting the left-right scrollbar(and hiding half of the button).

It would be nice to have a user option for left frame width, scrollbar options for left/right frame and maybe also resize/noresize for right frame. Options could be in Webmin/Webmin Configuration/User Interface.

BTW, This happends both in IE6 and Firefox 3.


Forgot to mention,

I know it’s Usermin you are talking about here, but these changes also affect the Webmin/Virtualmin layout, which I’m taking about.


The next version (I hope I’ll have it finished by then) will see a pretty major conversion over to using the YUI CSS reset-fonts framework. This change should correct all of the issues under discussion (the problem is that currently different browsers with different type faces available will render in different sizes…and so the systems we test on could be very different from yours, and end up looking ugly).

Hi guys, got the same problem. My Emails cut off. I’m on Virtual Framed Theme 7.8 and the Usermin’s left frame width is at 200px. In Virtualmin/Webmin it’s 260. How can i change it? I already searched in the in usr/share/usermin/virtualmin-framed-theme, but cannot discover.

Thanks for answers.