backups not backing up database

can someone please tell me why the backup isn’t backing up any of the mysql databases that belong to each virtual server?

in one of the archived files i found a .mysql file that was empty and in another archive no file at all

the other site files are there …no database though?

using version 3.63.gpl thank you i really would like to get the databases backed up this really isn’t any good without that and you would help me and potentially others with this issue sleep better at night :slight_smile:


The Virtualmin version you’re using is pretty old… a bit over 3 years… it contains a number of bugs and security issues.

My recommendation would be to upgrade to the current Virtualmin version, and see if your problems go away.

In general, backups should always include the databases, and they certainly do on the systems I’ve tested :slight_smile:


thanks for the reply … i am not a pro admin but more of a developer that can do some unix commands and admin work

i’m really nervous about messing up my server …if i attempt to upgrade virtualmin myself i am in any danger ? is it something i could manage?

thanks for your help …i rely on your awesome software to make managing server much much easier for a non command line guy

Well, upgrading from one version to the next is generally pretty safe.

Making large leaps in versions – if things were going to go awry, large jumps like this are where it could happen :slight_smile:

My recommendation would be to perform a test run on a development server before making such a change on your live server.

However, there’s two things to remember –

One, there’s some pretty significant security issues in the version you’re running :slight_smile:

Two, chances are what you’re seeing is some sort of bug, since databases are backed up by default. You may want to double-check that all the settings are being backed up by looking at the backup settings in Backup and Restore -> Scheduled Backups.

So, I’d definitely recommend finding a way to get your server upgraded, but you’d likely want to run some tests on a development server before doing it on your production server.