Backups in Virtualmin question


I have a daily backup at 4am which gets into a folder /backup/%d/%m/%Y so I’m good with that because it creates a sub directory for each day.

Now, I’d also like to have an hourly incremental backup… Is it ok to store it in the same /backup/%d/%m/%Y? or should I store it somewhere else? I’m not sure if the incremental just appends info into the .tar files.

And, if I need to restore the backup, which ones is restored first, the full and then the last incremental? or I need to restore the full and ALL incrementals since the full?

Thank you!


Both the full and incremental backup each make their own .tar.gz file, so a directory structure that works for one works fine for the other.

As far as how to do a restore – you would first restore the latest full, followed by the latest incremental. You don’t need to restore all incrementals.


When I go the incremental folder I only see one file per server, and showing the latest incremental which is done at 22:00

Let’s say I’d like to recover the incremental that’s done at 16:00, it doesn’t seem to be there, but not sure if it’s actually appended.



No, it shouldn’t be appended to another backup. It should be a backup of it’s own.

You may want to take a look at Backup and Restore -> Backup Logs, to make sure it’s trying to store the backups at the correct location, as well as to make sure there weren’t any errors during the backup process.


The Incremental backup logs show ok, now when I go and see the files it created, I only see the last one, based on the file modify date/time…

All incrementals are saved into /backup/incremental/%d-%m-%Y folder, so for a specific date, I can go and see the Virtual Servers but only one .tar per server, with the modify time as being the last incremental time so that’s why I was wondering if it was replacing the file or appending.