Backup system wrong


I removed the package and webmin virtualmin a system.
I reinstalled virtualmin with installs.h script.

Now I need to recover the backup.

Only the details of the servers.

Well use what I said (images ) and there is no way.
Virtualmin seeks to restore everything with the consequent failure.

This is not the first time I faced with a problem of this gravity, which leads me to remove the entire contents for later restore the backup, as otherwise the instability of the sites (postfix, procmail etc.) is tremendous. I have to do this for the backup system failures.

Why does this happen?

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Hey Marco,

I’m not sure…and your linked image doesn’t exist, so I’m having a hard time visualizing exactly what problem you’re having.

So, you’re trying to restore just the virtual servers without the data, mailboxes, etc.?

And it sounds like you’re trying to do this because something is wrong with the resulting accounts if you restore everything…so that would be a bug that we should fix, wouldn’t it?

Image it’s already fixed…

I’m trying restore only server details (I was deleted virtualmin with apt-get remove virtualmin)

And I ilke fixed a problem with procmail & postfix after re-instal virtualmin pro

Now, fixed.

I’m deleted & restore all accounts on server… (before I keep with rsync all /home/ & /var/lib/mysql don’t lost any data)

Too much work.

Hehehe…I’ve asked Jamie to chime in here. That’s definitely a bug. Virtualmin is clearly trying to restore things that you’ve asked it not to. (Filing a bug on things like this will get things fixed faster).

Hi Marco,

This looks like a bug, perhaps…
Here is what I would suggest :

  1. Delete the virtual server you are trying to restore.

  2. Go to Webmin -> Servers -> MySQL Database Server, and delete the database ‘marco’. Also delete any entries on the ‘Database Permissions’ page and ‘User Permissions’ page that refer to it.

  3. Re-try the restore.

The problem seems to be that a ‘marco’ database already exists on the system, even though Virtualmin doesn’t expect it to.

Actually, are you just trying to restore only the mailboxes?
If so, DON’T follow my previous suggestion.

Instead, on the restore form, make sure you select only the ‘Mail/FTP users and mail aliases’ checkbox under ‘Features to restore’.

That Jaime Cameron say me, it’s that I make yesterday for 8 (eigth) servers.

I post problem that I think a bug.

Also problem with restore DNS zones.

This problems are very complish for use Virtualmin Pro on massive producction.

On last two years only I use 6 licenses of 10 mahcines ofr any customers, because this type errors with backups and restores.

I like Virtualmin Pro, because it’s not intrusive with System, because use Debian, … but not use because any problem with backups get too much time for sysadmin.

Now I have made a little script for my own backup system, without problems.

Thanks a nice day.

Errors after delete all domains in server and restore with last good virtualmin backup.

A lot of problems.

Now, I’ve use rsync for put on server files from beta server to production server.

No good.

Marco - could you post a screenshot of the selections you have on the restore form, after which you got those validation errors? I’d like to try to understand where they came from, as it looks like many features of the domains were not restored.

Also, are you using rsync to backup and restore /home and /var/lib/mysql , instead of the regular Virtualmin backups?


My system it’s on production and now it’s ok restored.

Yes, I used rsync for restore /home & /var/lib/mysql (and before trying restore ONLY for wbemin pourposes, update rsync backups, more new that backup,made at 06:00 AM)

I do not entrust myself in the Virtualmin backup system.