Backup - Some options greyed out - output file incorrect

Hi All,

So I need to double-check two things. In the gui for backing up servers:
1 - I can’t select different Backup compression format
2 - I can’t select one file per server.
See below:

Another thing is that I download the backup via the browser as a test. However, this is not a normal tar.gz archive. It spits out a backup.tgz file, that when I extract it, gives me one file, which looks like a binary file, no folders subfolders. Not sure if this is a bug in the latest version. Don’t often use the gui, but my clients need to do backups themselves.

When I’ve downloaded the backup.tgz file, I extract it to a folder. What I get is the single file as mentioned, see below:

Has anyone come across this, or can someone confirm if it’s just my end, or if there’s a general issue

Much appreciated

OS type and version: Ubuntu 18.04.6
Webmin version: Latest
Virtualmin version: Latest

It would help if you actually used complete screen shots.

At the top you should see this:

You have to select All Virtual Servers and make sure the Include Subfolders is checked. Mine is that way by default, but if you’ve unchecked those things make sure you put them back.

From what little you show it looks like you really didn’t select anything to back up other than the home directory and web pages, which will be very little.

You cannot download “one file per server” in the browser. It is disabled because it’s impossible.

And, download to browser is the least reliable option here. You should only ever use it for very small domains, and for quick tests. I’d rather we didn’t offer the option, at all…but some folks like it for quick and dirty backups.