Backup Servers

At the moment i’m running a small website hosting company

i’m using a very fast VPS provider in the UK and the speeds and performance have been running well, of course to manage the clients and server i’m using Virtualmin the free version.

Not often but like today some thing went wrong with a process that was using 99% of the CPU along with a few other things the server went down. In total it was down for about 4 mins, this is the longest it has been down in the two months i have been around doing this. I do restart the server to clear the RAM etc… every week but we do it at a time that would not effect out UK clients.

My question is… if i have another server with same OS and running Virtualmin, would i be able to some how link the two together for backups and to spread the traffic etc…?

Thanks, David.


Spreading the traffic across multiple servers wouldn’t be a trivial setup (and isn’t currently supported by Virtualmin) – but there are some simple things you can do there to help out.

For example, you can run things like SpamAssassin and ClamAv, probably two of the biggest RAM users, on your second server. You can then access them remotely from your primary server.

There’s some info here on setting that up:,spam_and_virus_scanning