Backup servers to save lists confusing


When setting up a backup scheme, you can choose ‘servers to save’. Below there are two lists on the left and right. But it is not really clear which ones are included and which are not. Maybe add a label to those fields?

Because when I choose ‘All virtual servers’ then all the servers are in the left (disabled) field. However when I select ‘Only selected’ then I have to move them all to the right.

Is it me or is this indeed confusing? Maybe a simple solution would be if the are by default in the right field.

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Little bit yeah. Got caught out on the.

It is a generally accepted understanding that items get moved from one box to the other.
But I guess, much like most of things “generally accepted” can be confusing until learned, then they become part a widely known, obvious, understanding much like how to use a mouse, keyboard or any web application.

Of course it is logic to move from one box to the other. But which one is which?
Because the behavior is not equal in all cases.
It’s not a big deal, but I guess/hope I was not the only one that was backing of the wrong selection for a while :sweat_smile: