Backup Schedules and Rolling Backups

Anyone know if its possible to create seperate backup schedules for domains, ie per-domain backup schedules?

And i’m trying to figure out how to setup a rolling backup for a couple of domains, with a daily backups kept for 7 days so its possible to roll back changes if required.

Any one got any advice on how to do this?

I asked a similar question a few months ago on the Webmin-L list. Here is the thread from the archives:

Basically, the solution is to use the strftime-style time substitutions on the file or directory names and then create a cron job to remove any backups older than 7 days.

As far as creating separate schedules per domain, I don’t believe this is currently possible unless you were to write your own script using the API.

I’ve found a simple way of doing this. If you check the strftime replacement option, and use %u in the directory path then that gets sub’d with the ordinal day of the week, so this will obviously give you a rolling weekly backup

Beautiful, I like it! This should definitely be added to the docs. Joe? I will also append it to[A HRef="">Bug #171</A> to request it be added to the help text, since I recently opened this bug for a related issue.