backup on destination ftp without ssl

i need a schedule backup from my virtualmin server on a remote nas ( not managed by me ).

that nas has enabled ftps , but is not configured properly.
in fact not working with ftps protocol, but only with ftp ( without ssl )

now i write a script with lftp that backup only mysql db, but i would run “classic” schedule backup form virtualmin.
but i got an error

Uploading archive to FTP server …
… upload failed! Failed to connect to : Connection timed out

i believe that nas is “natted” and is not configured port forwarding.

i can’t manage remote nas, then my only solution ( though is not secure ) is force remote destination backup as ftp without ssl.

Thank you in advance


nobody can helps me?

is necessary ftps for remote backup ?

thank you

No idea if this is your problem, but often with NAT-ed ftp you need to enable passive mode. It’s been too many years since I’ve used ftp for anything serious, so forgive my hazy memory…

ok, thank you
i ask to customer to open port or configure correct passive mode so i use ftps protocol.

thank you again