Backup on Centos and Restore to Alma

OS type and version Centos 7
Webmin version 1.994
Virtualmin version 7.1
Related packages Backup Restore

Just a simple question, is the backup and restore OS independent?
I have Centos7 and if I move to Alma, does the restore work fine?


Virtualmin tries to handle the changes between distros. Going from CentOS 7 to any RHEL 8 derivative is a pretty easy move. (While switching to a very different distro like Ubuntu would likely have more pain.)

So, mostly yes. Your apps may need some tweaks. But, everything else should work pretty easily. Just test it before flipping the switch.

Thanks Joe, I guess checking the php version first before move.
Just testing almalinux now. I might wait for version 7 is out first, ran into errors with MariaDB,
posted Problems with install re. Mariadb


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