Backup log reports mysqldump worked but... can't find it

My backup logs tell me that database dumps have taken place, as in this example for one particular virtual host:

Dumping MySQL database courtofstjames .. .. done

When I check in my backup destination, I have three files:

If I look inside the compressed tarball, I see the contents of the site’s home folder, which includes the usual suspects:

awstats/ cgi-bin/ etc/ fcgi-bin/ homes/ logs/ public_html/ tmp/

But there’s no sign of any database dump.

The settings in the backup job use mostly the defaults. i.e. under “Features and setting”, the box called “Backup all features” is ticked.

What am I missing?


If you’re using the default backup format, there should be a .backups directory within the .tar file.

Within that .backups directory should be .sql files for all the databases that are backed up.


There is a hidden folder there called “.backup”. Thank you.

Oh dear. Do I feel stupid for missing it?