backup host

I’ve created a second Virtualmin (GPL) host for use as a backup, and manual fail-over (by changing IPs in DNS zones of hosted domains.

What would be a good way of making the initial transfer, and further backup refreshings?

Before I experiment, I may as well ask; perhaps Joe has the plan at the tip of his fingers, or perhaps others have experience with this to share.

The new host is freshly installed from the script; it went very well, thanks!
The existing host is mature and running well with Virtualmin installed as a module and brought current.



One way to do that would be to go to the main server, and configure the backups to occur daily, and store them in some directory on your backup system.

You could then use the command line tools on the backup system to import the backup files in that directory at a certain time each day, perhaps a few hours after the backups normally complete.

You can see details of the restore-domain tool here:,virtualmin_api_restore_domain/

And you can read more about backups and restorations here:,com_openwiki/Itemid,48/id,backups_and_restoration/

Thank you!