Backup FTP Login incorrect

I’ve problem with backup using FTP:
Failed to connect to FTP server : PASS **************** failed : Login incorrect.

I’ve checked many times with command line, winscp and it’s correct. It also works with SSH however it is slow. How to debug it?

Check the log files for entries.
Did I understood that correct and the ftp login is just not working? Did you manually created that login or is that a system generated login?

In logs there is a only message above. I’m doing backup to a remote server and credentials are correct.

That is not aswering my questions.

It is a login and password generated by the backup hosting.

Since I am not quite sure what exactly you mean with backup hosting, I will assume for now its a self generated account or via cmd not not through the webmin/virtualmin gui itself.
Did you check to enable unix auth for the FTP? Which one do you use? Can you be a bit more specific than just basic information?

I’m trying to backup using: Backup Virtual Servers under Virtualmin and I have an external backup storage. I’m not sure what is not understandable here.

Regenerated password and it started to work.

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