Backup Files - mysqldump # SOLVED #


I have just tested the automated backups, which successfully FTPd one file for each virtual machine, however it does not appear to include the mysql dump, without which the rest of the files are unusable since these are cms sites.

Is it possible to include the database dumps for the virtual machines in the backups ??



OK, OK, answering my own posts I know :slight_smile:

… the database dump together with all of the other config settings are in a hidden folder (.backup) in the archive file.

As a mac user, as the folder starts with . it is hidden by default.

Glad you got it figured out!

Yeah, I believe the thought there is that most folks aren’t going to need to work with the config files and database backups, so they’re just neatly tucked away where the Virtualmin restore tools know where to find them :wink:

Have a good one,