Backup Fails on Webmin 1.980

Using Centos 7 and GPL Virtualmin
The “virtualmin-backup” part of GPL Virtualmin, the incremental backup fails on the SQL part. This is the line:

Dumping MariaDB database xxxxxxx ..
.. dump failed! mysqldump: Got error: 1049: "Unknown database '1'" when selecting the database

Reloading 1.973 fixed it.

Hi, Dave.

This issue has been reported and presumably fixed already.

If you are an advanced user or feel comfortable updating patched files manually, it would be helpful if you could test it.

After installing Webmin 1.980, replace the following files with the files from the links below:

After updating those files you would have to restart Webmin with the following command:

systemctl restart webmin

Note: The instructions above are not meant for all user and applying those won’t even be necessary after Webmin 1.981 is released.

Running into this issue as well, the files above didn’t work (just created a different error "

Require mysql/ failed : Excessively long <> operator at /usr/libexec/webmin/mysql/ line 20.
"); running on Centos 8. Manual backups in the meantime I guess until a formal patch release happens.

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