Backup disabled mistery

I have too backup jobs scheduled.

FULL backup: every Sunday at 0:50
INC backup: at cron time 50 0 * * 1-6

I actually needed access to a backup today, 1st of feb and I realized that the last backup occurred at 1am of the 30th. There was no backup on the 31st and no backup on the 1st.

I looked at “Scheduled Backups” and sure enough, the INC job was disabled. I checked the webmin actions log and there was nothing remotely related to that.

So I have two questions:

  1. what could possibly have happened?

  2. I recreated the INC job but it did not create a cron job. The only cron job for backups is “/etc/webmin/virtual-server/ --id 134137784716897”, which refers to the FULL job. After re-creation, I have disabled and re-enabled the schedule on the INC job but still no cron job for it. Shouldn’t there be one?