.backup/ directories in homes

I configured a weekly full backup of all servers and a daily incremental
I changed the default tmp directory to a bigger volume (Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> Advanced Options)

When I run a backup I see that is created a “.backup” directory under /home/username/
The directory is deleted once the backup process for that user is completed.

In that directories virtualmin create the real tmp data (filling that volume) and stopping Apache!

In the tmp directory I set it create file like: 628202_17372_10_backup.cgi

what am I doing wrong?


Creating a .backup directory is normal, that’s where Virtualmin stores some files related to the Virtual Server so that it can be included with the backup.

Where did you point the new temp directory to? You’d want to make sure that wasn’t somewhere that would be included within a backup itself.

It is normal to see a file such as 628202_17372_10_backup.cgi within the Webmin temp directory. That contains the backup files for one of your domains.

It shouldn’t grow larger than your domain though (unless the "store all domains in one backup file option was chosen).


Thank you Eric,

the tmp dir is defined in a different volume so there’s no problem with it.

The problem is that I’m low in disk space in the home’s volume.
I need to give homes some more space. :smiley: