Backup current setup (in full) and Restore to another computer/VirtualMin installation

Hi All, been a while.

Is it possible to backup my entire VirtualMin setup with its single website/server instance and ‘restore’ it to another computer, since both computers are running VirtualMin and the same OS?

My living VirtualMin setup has been purring like a kitten and doing exactly what I need it to do:) But the computer it is running on is dying, so I am forced to move my setup to the other computer before anything bad happens.

Both computers are running Ubuntu 22.04, and both computers were initial set up at the same time, mirroring each other as possible, including the VirtualMin installation. However, as time has come and gone, I have re-jigged my living server (the old box) quite a bit, while I have not used the other computers’ VirtualMin installation other than running updates.

So, can I use VirtualMin’s Backup and Restore in this case, backing up computer “A” onto a network Samba share and restoring the backup onto computer “B”?

If that is not possible, my second option is to backup everything and try to get it running in a Windows WSL instance. I have successfully installed VirtualMin into WSL previously, but I do not recall having any luck getting the server to run under HTTPS (under Virtualmin/LetsEncrypt) or making it viewable to the outside world.

As always, thanks:)

OS type and version Ubuntu 22.04
Virtualmin version 7.10.0

Yeah, pretty straightforward to achieve this. Three steps essentially

  1. Do a full backup of your existing server using the virtualmin backup feature
  2. Install a fresh os and virtualmin install on your new server
  3. restore your backup from step 1

I tried that and I dont see it fully true.
For securiy I make a full backup of my VPS every 24 hours. Some time ago the vps crached so it had to be reinstalled. I then restored the website but it did not work. I found out that many of the php modules needed for the website(Nextcloud) were not installed. After installing trhem it all worked again

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