Backup Cron not created

After a reinstall, I had to setup backup schedules again and unfortunately, this does not work.

The backup works perfectly when I run it manually, but the cronjob is not added. I tried it several times and it did not add anything to my crontab. Webalizer and awstats for all virtual servers are in the crontab, is not. Oh, and yes, the job is active.

Is there anything that could go wrong? How do I get the job ID to create the cronjob myself? Backup is essential, so this must be sorted.

OS: Debian 7.1 64bit
Virtualmin 4.01.gpl GPL

Another detail:
Webmin is NOT running all the time (for security reasons, no need to have another port open all the time!)

This used to be possible, has that changed? It would prefer to start webmin myself when required.


The backup job is actually being run by Webmin, rather than by Cron.

You could always start Webmin from Cron for a few hours at night, during the time the backup would be running.

Alternatively, you can also see the backup id’s in /etc/webmin/virtual-server/backups/.


Thanks Eric!

Also, there is a script prepared in /etc/webmin/virtual-server/ with the id already set for each backup schedule item. :slight_smile:

Do you all have webmin running all the time? Why? This violates one of the most basic rules of security (as few running services/open ports as possible/required)! Of course one can restrict access to webmin to IPs etc. but the process would still be running…


Well, not having Webmin running all the time may work if you’re the only one accessing it; however, Webmin/Virtualmin is designed as a tool for users to be able to access on their own, at their convenience.

That is, for providers who have a bunch of web hosting customers, having Webmin running all the time may be almost as important as having Apache or BIND running all the time. Those customers are accustomed to being able to setup new domains, add email accounts, and such whenever they’re needed.


Good point.
I always assumed that the majority uses virtualmin for solely themselves convenience. I add domains for all customers myself and manage email accounts on request. That will - of course - not work on a mid or large scale, but in this area I have always seen custom solutions.

So, thanks again and maybe one day the good old backup cron job will at least be an option in virtualmin :slight_smile: