Backup breaks because of a ghost virtualhost

On a Debian 12 server with Virtualmin (everything up to date and just installed) I have a 2 virtualhosts (let’s say V1 and V2) that I did create myself. I did setup a scheduled backup to some S3 storage for V2.
When trying that scheduled backup, it fails on a third virtualhost (let’s call it V0) which I do not have on the virtual hosts list.
When setting up my scheduled backup, I check “all except” and I check V1 because I want only V2 to be backed up, so Virtualmin tries to back up V0 and V2 and fails on V0.
If I check “only” and choose V2, that works because Virtualmin only saves V2 (this test to demonstrate that the scheduled backup itself is properly set).
It seems that V0 has taken the default domain name of that VPS (the one provided by the provider), name that I am not using at all and that I did replace everywhere by V1 (I have taken the habit of creating a personalized domain name for each server).
I did reboot, re-create the backup, explore all the Apache sites-available and -enabled, I cannot find anywhere that V0 name … could it be that V0 is listed somewhere in the Virtualmin backup config or somewhere else … ??
If anybody has an idea it would be very much appreciated … it’s the first time ever I have this problem after installing Virtualmin (which I already did on something like almost 70 servers) … my networking config does not list that V0 name.
Thanks. P.