Backup archive is corrupt ?

I am having problems with backup tar.gz files, I run full backup every day, Now I am unable to unzip my backup files… I use Winrar and Iceows “The archive is corrupt” on all files all dates… Is this a known issue ?

Backup is ftp to Windows 2008 server

3.75 Pro
Debian Linux 5.0



I’m curious about two things –

  1. Do the tools you use support tar.gz archives? I’d be interested in knowing if the Linux tar command has the same trouble opening the files

  2. What happens if you try backing things up to another source – maybe even just backup up one Virtual Server to the main Virtualmin server, and not pushing it out to the FTP server. Do they work in that case?

You may want to make sure that you have plenty of space, both on the Virtualmin server, as well as your FTP server.