Backup and Restore


Last week I installed 3 new web servers running Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS, 64 bit.
I’m using Apache version 2.4.10, WebMin 1.720 and Virtualmin Version 4.12.
Two of them are acting as web servers and hosting serveral hundred websites and one is acting as a load balancer.

Yesterday I created some backup schedules on the first server to backup about 200 virtual servers to the second server using SSH, a full backup on Saturday and an incremental backup on the other days.

I was wondering if there a best practice way to automatically restore all those backups daily on the second server.
Also I read somewhere that the incremental backup in Virtualmin really is a differential backup. Meaning, every incremental backup will contain all the differences since the last full backup and not the only the differences since the last incremental backup. So I was also wondering if that would give me any trouble when restoring those incremental backups every day because they contain some of the same data as the incremental backup from the day before. It says in Virtualmin you should only restore an incremental backup after restoring the last full backup. Does that mean I have to restore that weekly full backup every day? Or can I just restore the full backup once a week and the incremental backups every day.

I was also wondering what would happen if a domain name changes on the first server. For example on server one there is a project called now when it’s finished the domain name will be changed to Will the backup on the second server also change that domain name? Or will it create a new virtal server called and leave

I really appreciate any help you can provide.