Backup and restore mail folders created by user

I noticed there is only an option to restore an individual user’s mail which appears in their inbox. It would be nice to have the option to also restore a mail folder created by a user in the event of accidental deletion.

Currently the only way to restore a mail folder for the user is to restore the servers’home directory and web pages for the whole domain. But this also restores other stuff such as apache configuration, mysql, dns, cron job, etc. Considering my website is using MySQL and data is continually being updated this would not be an ideal approach. I could create a separate backup for each user’s /home/domain/homes/user/mail to accomplish this but it would be quite tedious. Could you share a better solution?

Some details on my mail server setup for my virtual domain. Postfix as MTA, new emails get delivered to /var/mail, dovecot, using mbox for mail storage.

Thank you!