Backup and restore domains letsencrypt SSL files missing

I’m transfering all my domains from one server to a new one, 30 domains. use teh Backup and Resture function
I’m getting an error that file options-ssl-apache.conf
I also notice that all the SSL certs in /etc/letsencrypt/archive are missing
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 35 May 7 17:48 cert.pem → …/…/archive/

I notice this previous issue

Have I created the backup incorrectly ?
do I need to manually copy all letsencrypt files over manually ?

thanks for any pointers

hi - this is my pure conclusion and opinion, I think lets encrypt does it right here… you should not be able to backup temp ssl for domain or domains since they live 90 days and re-requesting new ssl from them after you moved server is easy as one command or click via gui… moving servers means often new IP etc which should not have affect however yet I am about to move all my stuff to fresh debian install… in past I just hit command to re-request cert and it was done in les then minutes - users even did not notice the switch… try that method please.

I can’t actually do that as I have not transferrered the DNS settings as yet.
I would like to test as much as I can on new server before finalising the transfer.
due to the errors, Apache is not starting so unable to test anything.

it might be that as I don’t actually have any domains on the new server yet so not run lets_encrypt

I think I have got round the problem.
I deleted the 30 virtual servers, created a new virtaul server and set up its SSL cert with letsencrypt.
that seemed to work fine and Apache running.
I restored one back up successfully.

solution was to install at least one website on new server before bringing over all your domains.

Basically you did what I said before this post but manually, it’s good and okay we all learning

Thank you :+1:
Yea sometimes trying to see the wood for the trees :grin:

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