Backscatter and more spam blacklist mailform problems notification options?

OK more and more with MX SPF DMARC DKIM setup some problems mail forwarding, mailforms on sites used and so on.

Causing backscatter, blacklists , resources abuse and …

Maybe a idea to use some out of this topic?

I mean dovecot api / push notifications options to be build in virtualmin , if a user / virtualserver whatever has such setup / problem with a mailaccount , the SERVER admin becomes pushed notifications pointing out when a problem and where / user / emailaccount exists.

Much better solution than taking care of log files searching for … ?

Am i right and is such thing possible for Virtualmin / Webmin developpers. ?

So more pro active notification you can react to (or even automatic) disable ones emailaccount to prevent blacklisting / backscatter …

I mean:
IN emailaccount where xx amount of email message’s abuse / email delivery failed and such things if value xx against time yy reach some point a push notification to serveradmin /root whatever mailadres with enough info which emailaccount / user …

Then also if reaching xx mails(pushed) within yy time disable that email account automaticly that is causing troubles.

So not the normal account settings limits for emailaccount , but troubled warnings / pushed limits then disable.

(this is then also could be nice indicator for hacked emailaccounts from users , and …)

Am i right and is such thing possible for Virtualmin / Webmin developers.

We don’t have support for push notifications, as miniserv (Webmin Web-server) does’t support sockets yet. It could only be implemented by @Jamie, and it’s not trivial thing to do, which will require a lot of testing.


Is only one idea from ME

HOWTO make life for SERVERS admins with these kind of problems easier to deal.

If SOME or you Virtualmin guys have better idea’s so please ?

I think such kind of functionality as these in Control Panel for ADMINS makes a Control Panel itself stand out from competitors.