When will you have support for awstats? I mean webalizer is great and all, but awstats is so much better.
In the mean time, I have made a script to scale each virtualmin account with an awstats dir. Although this works for me, it would be cool to have everything inclusive. Take care. â

AWStats does look very good. It’s configuration is pretty complex, but looks like it just uses Perl variables, so it ought to be pretty easy to support.

I’ll add it to the bug-tracker as a wish. I suspect it will come in the not too distant future (we’ve got to finish the installer for all operating systems…we’re stumbling on FreeBSD and Gentoo because they don’t have reasonable package management for packages outside of the core distribution, but we’re getting there). Anyway, I bet we can add it within the next month or so.

I would like to find out if this is the clear favorite for folks? Anyone prefer Analog to AWStats? Webalizer is the old standby, but I know a lot of folks prefer more data or a different presentation. Is there anything that folks like better than any of these three?

Jamie has sent me a new module that adds support for AWStats. It will be included in the first release which is scheduled for this week.

Great, Do you need any software testers for virtualmin. I would be willing help out, I use Virtualmin everyday. Feel free to contact me if so. - Ian

I have a server at home, with static IPs that can be used to test if you like!!

Thats awesome, I’ve always been a fan of AWstats since I first tried it out. I can’t wait for virtualmin pro to be released.