Awstats says its already installed but it isn't

OS type and version: Ubuntu 18.04
Webmin version: 1.984
Virtualmin version: 6.17-3 Pro
Related products version: RECOMMENDED

I’ve installed a virtual domain on my virtualmin installation that had previously been on another server. I couldn’t restore it from that server because doing so caused a bunch of problems so I’ve just created the domain and then copied the files. I wanted to use AWstats on the site and originally I installed those but then it disappeared when I copied over the files from the old site. Now when I go to install AWstats on the site it says that the program is already installed (which it isn’t). My guess is that some artifact from the old installation has accidentally been copied to the new installation so a part of the configuration is there. I’d like to totally uninstall awstats from this installation (ie remove those files I accidentally copied) but I’m not sure what to delete. Could someone please give me a little guidance as to what I need to make sure to delete so the system doesn’t think I already have awstats installed…


You may simply need to use Disable and Delete ⇾ Disassociate Features: Associate and Dis-Associate Features page to fix that problem.

Additionally, removing manually correspondent files from Webmin / Servers ⇾ AWstats Reporting page, will also make this possible to re-use this feature.

I wend to the Disable and Delete page and AWstats is not listed as an enabled feature. I wend to the Webmin/ Servers AWstats Reporting page and it’s not there either… When I go to edit the virtual server AWstats is not checked. So I check it and save. At that point it says that the system can’t install is (installation failed) because the feature is already enabled.

When I return to the edit virtual server page the AWstats featured is checked… but then if I navigate away from that page and then return the AWstats feature is unchecked. Is there some configuration file somewhere that needs to be deleted? Somehow the system thinks the AWstats feature is enabled but of course there is nothing on the Virtualmin menu and it is not functional.

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