awstats not updating (solved)

I just noticed that awstats are not updated for one of my site for about one month. In syslog I found out that there was probably server reboot I don’t remember (power outage?). Anyway from that time statistics were not updated (for just only one site).

I modified Virtualmin’s awstats lib script to see $fullcmd command there and type it in the console myself. There was access denied error for server’s access log file. I took a look and the file (in fact all server related files) had root/root ownership, don’t know why. So the solution was to change it to server’s owner/www-data.

I’m writing this just to ask if anybody knows why this happen? My guess is that it can be related to the server reboot, maybe some work is done when system is booting and detects that it was not halted correctly.
And maybe it can help if somebody else have the same problem.


I think this can happen if you manually run/test with user root.