awstats logs


I was checking my unique visitors count in Virtualmin -> Logs and Reports -> View AWstats Report. In looking at the at the module index, I noticed that the logfile is here: /var/log/virtualmin/domain.com_access_log. However, I also notice this logfile in the same directory: /var/log/virtualmin/www.domain.com_access_log.

So it seems to me that the website statistics I am seeing is only 1/2 of the true picture, since it seems I am seeing only data from in the AWstats Report - and no data from seems to be showing up.

Can these 2 logifles be combined to show statistics from both on one report? Or, can I funnel all statistics from and into the same logfile?



Those should only be separated like that if they’re actually two different websites (or, more specifically, if there are two different Virtual Servers setup for those).

Are they two sites? Or do and point to the same site?


Hello Eric:

They both point to the same site: and

In Virtual Servers, it is set up as only.



It looks like all traffic destined for your site is redirected to the “www” version of the site.

So, while it’s really unusual to see two different logfiles, and I actually suspect only one of them is really being used – it may not matter anyhow if all traffic is being redirected to the “www” site.


Ok, thanks Eric.