.awstats-htpasswd file and site admin password change

I have an issue accessing the awstats reports using this URL:


It will pop up and ask for authentication, but it doesn’t seem to accept the current site admin password.

I checked the .awstats-htpasswd file in the home directory and it exists, configured with the site admin’s username and a crypted password.

So I changed the site admins password using “Server Configuration/Change Password”

However looking at the .awstats-htpasswd file, it was never updated.

Therefore looking at the stats via http://domain.tld/cgi-bin/awstats.pl will not work using the new admin password.

The awstats do work through the Virtualmin “View AWstats Report” menu, so I know awstats is working fine.

I could edit that file to make it work by crypting the password manually, but I would rather the password stay synchronized with the admin password automatically (since most users would not be able to do this themselves).

I am going to look at making a patch to do this during the “Server Configuration/Change Password” phase but I thought I would ask on here if anyone has had this issue or if it is a known issue.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!