awstats died

on 21 november my server crashed and needed to be replaced. I restored all domains (backups from that day) to the new server. Now awstats won’t update anymore.

running the cron manually, generates no output.

what is the best way to troubleshoot?
thank you

Odd thing is that some domains work.
Also awstats is creating the files in the /tmp folder with .lock behind the file names which I never had before…

at the moment all domains have awstats running again except 2 without me changing anything.

The LOCK files are not generated anymore in the /tmp folder. Odd behaviour. Not sure how I can get the 2 domains running again.

a terrible search…
for the 2 not working domains I went to the awstats config and under plugins geoip was enabled and stopped awstats from working.
Disabling it did the trick…another issue solved.

Sorry for the delay in offering assistance, Ronald, but I’m glad you got it working!

Thanks for posting an update on how you configured it.

Have a good one!