AWSats config

Crazyman is back :wink:

How do we configure AWStats for all the functions to work?

Currently, things like:

Connect to site…only indexes as unknown

search words, phrases etc

Those are a few of the most powerful functions AWSats has and I was wondering how to get those logged.

or is it a matter of apache logging? If so, how to fix

Hey Dan,

Yep, I believe enabling the combined log format in Apache will give more detail–though I’m not sure if it will give all of the detail you’re after. It adds referer and user agent. Referer, I believe will result in the search terms showing up.

To enable this, you’ll go to the Webmin Apache module, edit each domain that you’d like to provide the additional information, and click the Log Files icon. On that page, find the “Access log files” option and change the format from “common” to “combined”.

If you have a lot of domains you want to change, you can use sed:

cd /etc/httpd/conf

sed -i "s/^CustomLog(.*)common$/CustomLog1combined/" httpd.conf

If you need more data than that, you’ll have to add another custom format. The Apache docs cover logging nicely: