AWS SES key problem with virtualmin pro


i’m try to configure AWS SES in virtualmin pro but i’m not sure what key and secret key need for login in AWS… i use already AWS SES with postfix and run good but key dosen’t run on plugin

someone know where i generate this key in my account AWS?


problem is missing DEFAULT API LOCATION?

All keys for AWS, including SES, are IAM credentials.

i know but plugin can’t run with key’s…

if i put same access key and password on plugin i get this


AWS credentials are not valid : usage: To see help text, you can run: aws help aws help aws help usage: aws [options] [ …] [parameters] aws: error: argument --region: expected one argument

i think plugin is broken… anyway if i edit HTML and put a region: eu-central-1 i get this error

InvalidClientTokenId → wrong key but in shell ubuntu this key run good!

Screenshot 2024-04-11 182106

Yeah, the lack of region does look bug-like. @Jamie, why would the region selector be empty here?

let me know what i need to edit for fix this :slight_smile:

Thanks sir

Yes this is a bug. The work-around is to add an account at Backup and Restore → S3 Acconts, even if you’re not going to be using S3 for backups. A proper fix will be in the next Virtualmin release…

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