Both seem to work with Virtualmin.
Which do you recommend? Wanna hear some opinions before making a decision…

I never tried awbs.
I did buy whmcs and am happy that i did.

it got some great deals (free resellers account from enom and such saving you 100’s of $$) fast response on support tickets, easy installation, one time affordable fee, works flawless, virtualmin module works great (need to run the whmcs domain under cgi when on same server)

Why not make use of the 15 day free trial and judge yourself?

yeah the thing is, i actually did buy awbs some months ago, but never had the time to configure it fully and get it running…
but now i do, and i saw two limitations i dont really like:

  • multilanguage support isnt that great
  • afaics no multiple currency possible.
    while i could deal with the latter one, multilanguage is really important to me…
    but yes, i might try the whmcs first… i just wanna be really sure i set everything on the right product before going on.

I need multiple currencies too on my awbs but it works fantastic at all.
I hope it will release soon :wink:
I got a free enom reseller too from awbs but I don’t like enom :frowning:
Personally I don’t WHMCS too.

Bye and thanks

i think i will keep awbs…
what is this enom reseller you both are talking about??

whmcs supports multi language and multi currencies out of the box.

enom is THE registrar or at least one of the biggest.

Personally I don't WHMCS too.
not sure what this means exactly.

Like any software you need to feel comfortable with it.
Personally I feel comfortable with software that works ‘out of the box’ as much as possible and let me handle my business the way I want it.
Usually I try out as much as I can before deciding what to buy

Hey ronald,

sorry, I don’t like WHMCS too :slight_smile:

oh i see… i use key systems, which btw whmcs seems not to support so… hmm…
i guess ill install the trial and compare the two… this will delay deployment once again but what the heck…

if key systems has an api for you to use, you can ask for the code then ask awbs or whmcs to put together a module for it or you can write it yourself.

It shouldn’t be to big of a deal for whmcs at least to put one together for you, again i have no personal experience with awbs, but they may be just as fast

the virtualmin provisioning module was written fairly quick once contact with Jamie was initiated (I had to wait only 3 weeks for a working version)

namecheap for instance has written their own whmcs module available at google.code pages