AWBS + virtualmin =you?

I am not looking for immediate help, but I want to know if there is anyone out there with AWBS+virtualmin experience. I need to connect the two soon and will probably get frustrated.


AWBS is a pain in the a$$ — I gave up on getting it work after messing with it for 3 weeks and I’m no newbie to anything linux or LAMP.

afaik Dan Long, a forum visitor, has been using awbs for some time now.

It’s still a pain in the a$$.

What are people using then? WHMCS? Is it even compatible with VM? They all seem like a pain in the *SS

We all need to get paid, and there is a breakdown here.

I feel like just sending a hand written invoice in a paper envelope with a wax seal and then walking each of them individually over to the post office. That seriously might be easier at this point.

So the question is: What are you guys using to automate your billing?


at the moment I have paypal subscriptions and I can manually send invoices and receive money on my bank account as well.
I recently bought whoiscart for this purpose and in the process of setting this up. Users can manage their invoices when logging in.

billing isn’t the issue really as there are many solutions, provisioning the server automatically is the problem.
I create domains manually after receiving the payment.

you can see the whoiscart in action at my site at

I use PHPCoin

If you still need help in awbs, tell me :wink:


We are also struggling with this significantly. We to purchased Whoiscart recently, only to find the website is up, but behind it is a ghost town! After several weeks we can not get replies to our questions, almost all the gateways, adn api’s are now broken because of lack of updates and development which is a true shame considering its a pretty good program if it were refined, and updated. I don’t know what happened there so I hope the best for them whatever the case may be.

Now we spent considerable time deploying the whoiscart, but it just isnt cutting it for us, its more work than just doing paypal payments, getting a notice, setting up and sending details to the client.

Does anyone have an update on this and maybe integration of WHMCS?




While I have not used it, version 4.0.0 of WHMCS released in May does officially support Virtualmin:

A lot of people here have nice things to say both about the product and the developer behind it.

um yes after trying whoiscart and a walk through their ghosttown, I have successfully deployed WHMCS.
It is the best move I made so far together with Virtualmin. And the 2 work very well together. I do advice to get WHMCS even sgrayban likes it!

Yup WHMCS rocks. I even have the newest virtualmin plugin for it.

Hey all i am back… just letting any one and EVERYONE know even though i am late with this one i am AWBS Installer with Virtualmin i will get any AWBS installed with Virtualmin and if you buy AWBS from me there is a discount on the install… so if you need AWBS installed with Virtualmin just drop us a line… at

WHMCS stomps AWBS any day. Even auto-provisioning works like a charm.

even sgrayban likes it!

Yep, Scott’s like our own Mikey from the old Life cereal commercials.

Damn skippy !!

Did you find a solution for your billing and customer management?

An open source solution called AMBERDMS BILLING SYSTEM may suit
(i have no idea of integration with VirtualMin but standalone its great):

It’s available from SourceForge:

Demo is available at their own website:

This manages customers, time, and also reoccurring billing.

Hello to you too… that may be… in your eyes… alls i can say is it is like apples and oranges… i like this software you like that software… they both have thier own pro’s an Con’s one or the other allsi can say is i am not putting your software down dont put our software down. i personally like AWBS you personaly like WHMCS to each thier own. have a nice day. hope you have fun and good luck… i am not wagginga how has better war… i am about the Customersnot the who has better… have a fun day an be well…

Hope all is well…

John Damron