Automatization via API

Operating system: ubuntu
OS version: 20.04

What I try to do

I plan to automate stuff like creating an new Server, add ftp-user etc. with Virtualmin.
The difficult point is, that those tasks should be started from the same server.
Means: On the Server will be an Dashboard for users, where thy can create a new Web-Project.

If they do, following should happen automatically:

  1. first a domain will be registerd,
  2. subserver will be created
  3. presettings will be made (e.g. FTP-User, etc)

As I’ve seen in the documentation (, they recommend to use the remote-api, because the CLI API-Calls have to be executed as root.

I wonder what a good strategy would be to keep the server secure while using those API’s.

Because this API is very powerful, I think it will be the target of many hackers. Are there any recommendations how to secure the access to those API-Endpoints?

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