Automatically update external IP in DNS records


My Virtualmin Server is behind a NAT router. That means, it has a private IP.
To reach the server from the Internet, the DNS resolves to the external IP. This IP changes from time to time, so I have to manually update all DNS records… Is there a way to automate this?

I know that there is a tool "Addresses and Networking" -> "Change IP Addresses", but this is only to change the IP of the server (f.e. if I change the Network Interface IP of the server…).

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you need a service as dyndns. virtualmin has a module for it but create an account first


But thats not what I’m looking for. I have real domains, f.e. and I’m hosting them on my server with my own DNS server (that has several reasons…) with a zonetransfer to DynDNS.
So I’m looking for something that updates the DNS records on my DNS server when the external IP changes (with everything you have to do, f.e. serial number change, zone reload).
If there is nothing that does this automatically, is there a tool where I can do a bulk update (give to old and the new IP and it goes through all zones and exchanges the old ip with the new -> also known as search and replace)?


under Addresses and Networking - Dynamic IP Update
would that be it?
or manually under Addresses and Networking - Change IP Addresses ?

"Dynamic IP Update" is only for external services like DynDNS, but not for the Bind DNS Server installed on the Virtualmin server…
"Change IP Addresses" is only for changing the IP when you added a IP or changed the IP of the server, so that f.e. the Apache config (Listen, VirtualServer config) can be adjusted, but not the DNS records.

Perhaps I have to add a feature request…

The Dynamic IP Update feature will actually update your DNS records (and Apache config) as well as the dydns service, so it should do just what you are looking for…

oh thanks, I will try it!