Automatically create IPv6 DNS records?

Hello everybody.

Maybe I did it wrong, but shouldn’t Virtualmin create IPv6 DNS records at the creation of the virtual server ?
It successfully create IPv4 records, but the IPv6 ones are not created.

I’m using the last version of Virtualmin, and at the virtual server creation, I set up a shared IPv6 address for that server.

Do I forget something ?


Historically, Virtualmin didn’t do shared IPv6 (because we’re unlikely to ever run out of IPv6 IPs) but I think shared IP was added relatively recently to accomodate those oddbacl VPS providers that provide one IPv6 IP address (along with an IPv4 address), which is really weird…there’s not much point in IPv6 if you can’t have a lot of them.

But, I don’t know exactly how IPv6 works now in Virtualmin. I’ll have to poke around…

Looks like you just need to set Use default IPv6 address for new virtual servers? to “Yes” in Virtuamin configuration. Is that not working?

Yes it is activated.
I have plenty of IPv6, but what I meant is, when I create a virtual server, it create the IPv4 records in Bind9, but not the AAAA. It would be nice if Virtualmin does it too.
Did I miss something in the configuration for IPv6 records ?

Does anyone have an idea ?

Three steps to automatically create IPv6 DNS records on Virtual Server creation:

  1. Navigate to “Virtualmin —> System Settings —> Virtualmin Configuration”

  2. Under “Networking settings” select appropriate option(s). For example, but not limited to,

    • “Default virtual server IPv6 address”
    • “Network interface for IPv6 addresses”
    • “Netmask size for IPv6 addresses”
    • "Use default IPv6 address for new virtual servers?"(1)
  3. Click on “Save” button


  • (1) “Yes” means that when you create a NEW virtual server. The setting under “Create Virtual Server” > “IP address and forwarding” > “IPv6 network interface” will read “Shared, on IP 2600:3****”

  • (1) “By default (when this option is set to No), Virtualmin will not add DNS entries or a webserver configuration to new virtual servers for the system’s default IPv6 address. However, selecting Yes here will change the default for new domains to use the system’s primary IPv6 address. At creation time the user can still select to use a private IPv6 address or none at all though.”