Automatic update of Wordpress plugins not working

OS type and version Ubuntu 18.0.4
Webmin version
Virtualmin version 7.5.1
Related packages SUGGESTED

I run three servers on different VPS providers all with Virtualmin running. I run Wordpress sites on all those servers, but on one of the servers, I am unable to activate automatic updates of Wordpress plugins from the WordPress interface. There are 10 sites running on that server, and I cannot activate it on any of the sites, while I can activate it on all sites running on the other servers.

The problem is that I cannot understand what is causing this problem. I compared the PHP modules installed on the different servers, which are completely similar. I run with PHP 8.0 on all three servers, so that shouldn’t cause it either.

The main difference I see is that the server with the problem runs with Ubuntu 18.04 while the other servers run on Ubuntu 20.04 and Ubuntu 22.04. Besides that, I don’t know what might be causing this. Is it a setting somewhere in Virtualmin/Webmin that might cause this, or something else?

I don’t see anything in the Apache error log either as I try to activate automatic updates. Any help would be appreciated!

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It feels embarassing to say this, but after looking around even more, I tried to disable the different plugins on all those sites, and for some reason, that solved the problem. So there is a plugin that has caused error on those sites for some reason, meaning that it has nothing to do with Virtualmin or so at all :slight_smile: Thanks for all help.

Did you work out which plugin is the problem?

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