Automatic reply for spam

I have well working virtualmin system with spam and virus scanning.
But if I turn on automatic reply, spam message is delivered to ".spam" folder and system send autoreply for this mail.
How to disable automatic reply for spam messages?

Best regards
Chris<br><br>Post edited by: zeto, at: 2008/06/01 22:16

Hey Chris,

How are you creating your auto-replies?

Virtualmin created auto-responses (created using the Edit Alias and Edit Mailbox pages) definitely do the right thing and don’t skip spam/AV scanning.

I’m using Edit Mailbox pages. System don’t skip spam scanning, deliver message to .spam folder, but also send autoreply message to spammer’s source address (fake address) with autoreply text. Next I’m getting message from remote server about undeliverable e-mail. Next, my server sends another autoreply message… in infinitive loop.