Automatic installation of ioncube?


I plan to use Virtualmin on my futur server. I am quiet a newbie in the server administration. I just would like to know if there’s a way to automatically install ioncube on the server through Virtualmin.

Thanks a lot for your answers.



That would only be possible if your distribution happens to provide a package for it… and I’m not aware of any that do :slight_smile:

So unfortunately, you’d likely need to manually download and set it up.

You can download the free ionCube loader files from here:

Hi Andreychek,

Thanks for your answer. Well, I asked this question because I installed it 2 times before, and I remember this was quiet hard to install for a newbie. I know the process for installing it, but it seems that a lot of persons have the same problem with it: following the install instructions steps by steps, sometimes it doesn’t work for unkown reasons. So I guess that’s because I’m a quiet newbie, an intensive administraor will probably install it in few minutes…

So that’s why I wondered if Virtualmin - GPL or PRO - could install it by itself, that would be just amazing.

Thanks again.


These days, it usually suffices to download the tarball for your platform/php version and extract it inside your virtual server’s htdocs/public_html

This is because compiled ionCube code can automatically load DSOs from there.

But you can also just edit $HOME/etc/php.ini and add the zend_extension line there.
Note that you do not need to install anything systemwide, I am using this is several virtualmin-based hosts, and only really 1) downloaded the tarball, 2) extracted it to $HOME and 3) added the zend_extension line to $HOME/etc/php.ini

So it’s actually pretty straightforward - and while it’s true that webmin/virtualmin cannot ship ionCube, the installation could be greatly simplified by providing a dedicated ionCube installer, whose development would be ideally sponsored by the ionCube folks :slight_smile:

Honestly, it’s just 5 lines of shell code involving wget/curl, cp and editing php.ini - so in terms of webmin/Perl code, that should be less than 50 lines of code actually.

And the WHCMS module already seems to handle this according to:

I find it hard to imagine why the ionCube folks don’t make sure that management frontends like virtualmin have an automated way to install and use it …