Automatic dynamic DNS update using dyndns and namecheap

OS type and version Debian Linux 10
Virtualmin version 7.1-1


Due to complication with my Internet new provider at my office I have to use dynamic IP.

I setup the Virtualmin => Addresses & Networking => Automatic dynamic DNS update options as follow;

Then at my registrar in Advanced DNS I created 2 Alias Record:

It seems to work (site is visible) but I’m still unsure this is safe and will not harm my search engine ranking.

Any suggestion ?

I stayed away from automated for that very reason. My address never changed often enough to justify it anyway. Maybe once every 7 or 8 months.

Thanks for your comment, can you elaborate a little ?

Of course it’s suboptimal.

You can’t possibly reliably send mail from a dynamic address (you’ll have to use a relay service). It probably will impact your search engine ranking, but we’re not SEO experts.

We generally recommend you only use dynamic IPs for dev sites, and get something more permanent for production use.

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Thanks for taking some of your time.

While I don’t have mail server there I understand your point and will stick to fixed IP.

I use Cloudflare for all my DNS, so typically the address stays the same even when my ISP external address changes.

The only time my IP address ever changes is when I have to reboot the modem, and even then it rarely changes. So I decided that it would be easier to just use the Cloudflare DNS so the address that Google sees never changes and any time I had to reboot the modem I would check the external IP to see if it changed and update Cloudflare immediately.

At most, the sites would be down about two minutes, but the cached sites would remain accessible, so nobody ever really noticed, least of all Google.

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