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Hello! I have been using virtualmin for around two decades (I love it!) and today I would like to make a suggestion for virtualmin-automated-installation-script

I think would be cool if Virtualmin has the feature of web-choose packages/services (from Virtualmin) before install

Some examples with this concept:

3- Install | Hestia Control Panel

On this way we could select what services want to install (most of times I only need apache, mariadb, php and nothing more, and other times we need more services), then it would just be copy/paste the output-line on the console.

What do you think? @Joe

A bit controversial!
The main problem is that your “needs” are not what others might think to have any relevance.

I have no “need” or interest in an Apache Webserver as I use Nginx.
and wold say the same of PHP, ClamAV, BIND and probably other items listed that already handled perfectly well by default.

Maybe as an ‘advanced’ option with the usual disclaimers on ‘user proficiency’?

I think I have not explained well, I will edit the initial post to clarify it better.

What I am suggesting is that anyone can choose the packages/services they want (from Virtualmin), and then do the automatic-installation with the selected packages:

Some examples with this concept:

3- Install | Hestia Control Panel

Perhaps I was confused by the term “packages” as I do not see any of those 3 examples as being a package that or any of my clients using Virtualmin as having any interest in.
Indeed some of the programs “installed” are quite controversial.

I was referring to being able to choose between the packages/services that already come in the Virtualmin pack, because I (or someone) don’t always use few of the ones that Virtualmin installs (even in the minimal version), so basically I’m suggesting an option/simple-web-panel to specify what services want to install.

I’d say on the surface the idea has merit. It depends on the underlying work involved for ‘the team’.

But it gets more nuanced. Do you want to generate DNS records to copy elsewhere but not start BIND? Apparently Nginx and Apache can co-exist on the same server. Some people will report an error if they can’t choose both.

As is, the default works out of the box. Does it cause a support nightmare if every install is different? ‘The Team’ may think it is easier to let experienced users stop the services they don’t want. They can also take the risk of deleting packages knowing they have to fix broken dependencies.

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